Mailtracker is another simple app that provides email tracking only. Other features such as scheduling and saved templates are not offered by the tool. The tool provides information on when…


Mailtrack works with Gmail and includes email tracking only (other features such as scheduling and saved templates are not available). The app installs via a browser extension and works with…

Hubspot Sales

Hubspot Sales is one of three platforms offered by Hubspot (they also have CRM and marketing automation solutions). With Hubspot Sales, you can track emails straight from your Gmail or…


Gmelius works with Gmail only. It can be used with Chrome, Opera, and Safari internet browsers. The app installs via an extension and tracks email activity such as opens and…


Boomerang is a popular app for Gmail that returns messages back to your inbox at a later date that you set. This allows you to clean up your inbox but…


Bananatag is an email tracking app that works with both Gmail and Outlook. It also works with other email clients and can track email on iOS and Android devices. Many…


SalesHandy works with both Gmail and Outlook. The tool includes functionality for tracking emails, saving templates, scheduling emails, and creating automated email follow-ups.

LeadBoxer Email Tracking

LeadBoxer is a Customer and Lead Data Platform that allows you to see who visits your website, reads your emails, what company they work for; lists that person’s contact information and more.